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Joint Degree Crossover Courses

For the J.D./M.B.A. program and the J.D./M.S. program, the Law School will accept toward the J.D. up to 9 credits taken at Tobin for the following courses:

ACC 620: Global Managerial Accounting I
ACC 622: Global Managerial Accounting II
ACC 630: Financial Reporting: Specialized Topics
ACC 632: Critique of Accounting Theory
ACC 602: Global Financial Managerial Reporting
ACC 638: Business Entities and Combinations
ACC 639: Governments and Not-for-Profits
CIS 650: Seminar in CIS/DS Topics
BUA 602: Business Analytics
BUA 609: Advanced Managerial Statistics
ECO 600: Managerial Economics and Forecasting
ECO 606: Industrial Economics
FIN 607: Financial Management
ECO 631: Monetary and Fiscal Policies
FIN 633: Corporate Financial Management
FIN 634: Investment Analysis
FIN 635: Capital and Money Markets
FIN 655: Financial Risk Management
FIN 664: Advanced Investment Analysis
MGT 502: Organizational Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility
MKT 600: Decisions in Marketing Management
MGT 601: Managing for Global Success
MGT 640: Entrepreneurship
MGT 659: International Business Policy
MGT 700: Seminar in Business Policy Formulation
MGT 680: Organizational Development: Managing for Change
MKT 601: Marketing Research
MKT 628: Comparative Marketing Systems and Research
RMI 600: Risk and Insurance Economics
RMI 601: Risk Management
RMI 614: Risk Funding Tools

For the J.D./M.A. in Government and Politics, the Law School will accept toward the J.D. up to 9 credits from St. John’s College for the following courses:

GOV 215:16 Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis
GOV 218: Public Policy—American
GOV 220: American Political Thought: The Formative Period
GOV 239: Municipal Government and Administration
GOV 269: Global Politics of Gender
GOV 271: Theory and Practice of Diplomacy
GOV 277: International Political Economy I
GOV 278: International Political Economy II
GOV 290: Public Administration of Emerging States
GOV 293: Administration of International Organizations
GOV 325: Economic Analysis of Public Policy
GOV 346: Seminar: Dictatorship
GOV 376: Seminar: Political Theory


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