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ISSSO (International Student and Scholar Services Office)

ISSSO Check-In | I-20 Extensions | Travel During School Breaks

ISSSO Check in, for students studying on an F-1 or J-1 visa

Please refer to email communications from ISSSO to ensure you are complying with federal and university immigration guidelines. It is mandatory that you do the following:

Check in virtually with the ISSSO after you arrive to the U.S.  Please complete their online registration form and upload copies of all of your I-20’s, your passport, visa, and I-94 arrival information

This is required for all new, transfer and change of educational level students.  If you fail to comply, you risk not being registered in SEVIS (the on-line system used by the U.S. government to document international student enrollment) and possible SEVIS termination. 
We will hold an ISSSO information session during orientation, where you will get additional information from ISSSO.

I-20 Extensions  

All students who are relying on an F-1 visa should review the expiration date of their Form I-20.  If the I-20 expires before your expected graduation date, you will need to work with ISSSO and Professor Piper to request an extension. 

  • Start by submitting a request for an I-20 extension through the ISSSO website here (click on “apply for an extension of your I-20”).  
  • You will need to submit updated bank statements to support the extension application.   
  • You will also be prompted to have Professor Piper, as your Academic Advisor, complete a form explaining why an additional semester is required to complete your degree requirements.  Please make sure to provide this form to Professor Piper prior to your course advisement session.  

Travel During School Breaks

Students who are not U.S. citizens and wish to leave the U.S. during a school break and then return to New York should make an appointment with ISSSO to ensure that all immigration and visa paperwork is in order.  If you do not, you could invalidate your student visa.

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