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Advisement Reports

Student Advisement Reports – DegreeWorks

Student Advisement Reports (degree audits) powered by DegreeWorks is a web-based program that enables you to easily track your academic progress. Your advisement report will show which degree requirements have been met, which are in progress, and which are still outstanding. Additionally, information on advisement reports is “real-time” – accurate at the point in time the report is run. 

Accessing Student Advisement Reports in DegreeWorks

You may access your advisement report through

Once logged in, click the “DegreeWorks” widget to access the Student Advisement Report. You can view previous reports, generate a new report, or complete a “What-If Analysis”.

Reading Student Advisement Reports in DegreeWorks

Advisement reports are divided into different areas. For each area, the advisement report gives a GPA, which is calculated solely from the grades in that area. This GPA is accurate for the grades shown but is not an official GPA – it is for informational purposes only.

The “Excess Courses Not Applicable to This Degree” section at the bottom of the advisement report will show courses if you have more than the 89 credits required to complete your degree. You can ignore this section. Any courses listed in this section are included in your degree.

Note: The overall and program GPAs shown at the top of the advisement report include all grades in all courses taken. 

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